6 in 1 educational solar kit

Show and teach children important benefits of solar energy. It is good step for kids to learn something new about solar energy. Very important is to have something that is both fun and easy in order to inspire interest. From our 6 in 1 educational solar kit you can create sixt different fun solar toy to play and show how the solar power is used to drive small electric motor.

Build sixt powered robot and play with them. Easy to assemble – no tools required for 6 in 1 solar robot kit. You can make models as windmill, puppy, airboat, two different planes and car. With this toy like play not only the children, but they parents too. Solar gadget as 6 in 1 solar robot kit is good gift to your friends or family member.

educational games

Fun educational games are important for kids to easy learn new knowledge. The 6 in 1 educational solar kit will improve to understand how the solar panel work, how can be energy from solar panel transfer to electric motor and how the motor drive next spell part.